The Canadian Hardcore band Comeback Kid has be grinding out quality hardcore punk for a number of years now. Their new CD, Symptoms + Cures is an intense, fast and furious, tour de force of a disc that punk fans will absolutely dig. Musically the band hold nothing back as they dish out a full 40 minutes of killer hardcore punk complete with tons of gang vocals and more than a few pit-friendly breakdowns.

I am a huge fan of hardcore punk and feel that Comeback Kid has constructed a killer collection of songs that should go a long way to solidifying the band’s status in the scene. I can honestly say that I have been grooving to every song on this disc since I received it. There are a few tracks, however, that stand out to me as being exceptional. “Do Yourself A Favor” and “Crooked Floors” are destined to become hardcore classics and fan favorites; they are that good. The rollicking grooves laid down on these tunes are quite mesmerizing and the commanding, pissed off, menacing vocals of Andrew Neufeld are off the chain.

This is the band’s 3rd full-length studio album and I feel that it is their best to date. Instead of one or two good songs like most albums coming out nowadays, this is a solid album with eleven great songs. If you are a fan of Comeback Kid, hardcore or punk in general this disc is a must have. I really dig it and it has made its way into regular rotation on my player.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Because Of All The Things You Say
02. The Concept Says
03. Balance
04. Symptoms and Cures
05. Manifest
06. Get Alone
07. Magnet Pull
08. Pull Back The Reins
09. Do Yourself A Favor
10. Crooked Floors
11. G.M. Vincent & I

Run Time: 40:00
Release Date: 08.31.2010