When people think of metal bands they tend to think of heaviness, speed, complexity and aggressiveness. Though these may be the typical criteria most metal bands follow when making music, Bury Tomorrow have taken it upon themselves to break away from said formula in order to create music that can be enjoyed by more than just metalheads. This new formula can be found on their new album Portraits.

The CD begins with a breakdown and then progresses to some metal riffing but, with melodic overlays. What really sells me on this disc are the vocals. The shouting is pretty standard, but the singing parts are absolutely exceptional. They give the music a calming effect, more so then other metalcore acts. Each chorus just gets stuck in your brain and you find yourself singing it long after the CD has ended. Even some of the calmer bridges have nice catchy parts.

Portraits’ album artwork was done by Colin Marks (The Breathing Process, Suicide Silence, Oceano). In order to effectively set the album’s mood, his style is to bring together some intense, dark imagery. Once again he has done an amazing job and in keeping with the album’s name, has used a couple of the band’s portraits in the booklet – one of the whole band which use only greys and browns. Good job Colin!

Portraits displays both great music and art. It is a near-perfect package that Bury Tomorrow has herein released; a display of unique and diverse-sounding music which helps to set them apart from other bands in the same scene. Fans of Funeral For A Friend, Attila, Killswitch Engage and Vanna will really enjoy this release.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Confessions
02. Evolution Of Self
03. You And I
04. Her Bones In The Sand
05. Repair The Lining
06. Casting Shapes
07. Factory Of Embers
08. Relief
09. Anything With Teeth
10. These Woods Aren’t Safe For Us
11. Portraits
12. Waxed Wings
13. The Western Front
14. Breath On Glass

Run Time: 56:09
Release Date: 03.16.2010

Check out the song: “Her Bones In The Sand”