In October, 2009, my girlfriend and I went to the Opera House in Toronto, Canada for a CD release show. The band, Toronto’s Burning The Day, were celebrating the release of their newest record Blacklisted. A few months later a music video was released for the first single “Left For Wolves” which incorporated footage from that great night.

When I finally got a copy of Blacklisted, I immediately placed it in my discman and pressed play. I cranked up the volume and the first track “Pistols And Pigs” sent chills down my spine. Here’s the lowdown on the contents. The band gets right into the groove, thrashing out riffs that are sometimes simple and other times complicated but, always heavy and dissonant. Guitar solos are inter-dispersed within the songs. Something that diverges Burning The Day from other metal bands are their vocals. Chris Gillespie does a great deal of shouting and has a horsed singing voice that can be easily picked out of a pollution of sound bringing a unique quality to the band.

Blacklisted is a tribute to how much Burning The Day has learned as a band over the past few years. It is always great to see a group grow from their first record and keep improving over time. Fans of In Flames, Odium, Misguided Aggression and Endast will love Burning The Day. Make sure you go check out Blacklisted, they will tie you to a pole and shoot you with true metal. BANG.

Track Listing:

01. Pistols And Pigs
02. Left For Wolves
03. In Memory
04. The Last Monarch
05. Rope In Hand
06. In The Wake Of Warning
07. Save Yourself
08. Bullet In A Big Shell
09. Aspirations Of Gaza
10. Blacklisted

Run Time: 41:44
Release Date: 02.02.2009

Check out the song: “Left For Wolves”