Sometimes you have to wonder why music critics continue to provide positive reviews of albums that contain sounds that we’ve all heard before. While Falling From The Moon is packed to the rafters with rhyming sentimental lyrics and Robbie LaBlanc may possess an easy-to-listen-to voice, it is nothing short of dull. The LaBlanc brothers clearly possess talent and it is a shame that they waste a considerable portion of it by repeating the same songs that the world listened to in the 80s.

Frustratingly, there is actually little wrong with the album technically. It fits together well, but once you have heard one song there is no point in listening on because the next track after it will contain the same love-centric lyrics, the same slow paced rhythm guitars and will be topped with a cheesy solo. It is not sinful to produce music that has it’s roots in a different decade, but there is no need to be so utterly bland by copying Bon Jovi et al.

If most rock music lovers enjoy listening to this album I’ll be shocked. Sure, there will be people who enjoyed the 80s music scene and will feel sentimental hearing Falling From The Moon, but unfortunately, Blanc Faces are producing very little for the modern music fan.

Falling From The Moon lacks personality and depth. People can relate to emotional music, but when it continues in the same manner for another 45 minutes they will often lose interest. Unless you want to learn about how ‘It’s All About The Love’ and that it’s ‘Deep In The Heart’ backed with some middle-of-the-road music, then stay well away.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. I Come Alive
02. Falling From The Moon
03. I Swear To You
04. Everything
05. It’s All About The Love
06. Goodbye Summer Goodbye
07. Deep In The Heart
08. Don’t Take It Away
09. Like A Believer
10. Light Of The World
11. I Will
12. Fly

Run Time: 47:18
Release Date: 11.24.2009