15 years ago a metal band, who would later gain worldwide fame, was born from Alaska’s harsh tundra. Today, with four successful albums under their belt and a vast number of tours, 36 Crazyfists decided it was time to release their first DVD. Underneath A Northern Sky, a very appropriately named release, focuses beautiful Alaskan imagery. Music aside, this DVD is a testament to the band’s love of their homeland and fans.

Unlike most other DVDs, upon inserting this disc one is prompted with only one option on the title screen; to play the movie. As the film progresses,it switches between the band’s biography and a live performance. Within the biography the members elaborate on their 15 year career and offer footage of some of their early venues. It is neat to see Brock Lindow, Steve Hold and Thomas Noonan in their youth, sans tattoos.

The live performance portions of the DVD come in the form of ten songs taken from their three later albums. They perform tracks such as “At The End Of August”, “The All Night Lights”, “I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops” and other greats. Though it was a disappointment to not seeing anything off their first release, overall it was still an intense show. Also, as part of this memorable night, the band had their fill-in bassist Buzzard playing with them. Alaskans really know how to rock out and as they sang along to every one of their hometown heros’ songs, they even managed to form a sweet wall of death towards the end of the set.

Underneath A Northern Sky looks as if it possesses a huge sentimetal value for the band. They really seem to have striven to make this film a memoir of sorts; one featuring young Alaskan teens who simply wanted to break out with their music and offer it to a larger audience. All 36 Crazyfists will really enjoy watching this DVD and certainly learn more about the band’s interesting history.

Track Listing:

01. We Gave It Hell
02. At The End Of August
03. Felt Through A Phone Line
04. I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops
05. Skin And Atmosphere
06. Bloodwork
07. The Heart And The Shape
08. Destroy The Map
09. Installing The Catheter
10. The All Night Lights

Run Time: 80 minutes
Release Date: October 27, 2009

Check out the song: “I’ll Go Until My Heart Stops”