For some reason when I read the name ‘Atomic Tom’ I assumed this band would make some kind of weird fuzz/punk/garage/indy music. I don’t know why that’s what I was expecting, but it was. I was really surprised when it turned out to be a traditional, serious rock record.

That being said, this is a really, really good rock record. The press bio that came with the CD says the band has plans to play their music to huge arenas, believing that they can reach each member of a huge audience. To be honest, I think that’s a real possibility. I tend to think music is best live, and I like it most in a small bar or club, but Atomic Tom have a sound that would just be better bouncing around a huge arena, with thousands of people singing along. From arena-rock songs like “I’m Coming After You” or “Take Me Out”, to the quieter “We Were Never Meant To Be”, all of these songs would clearly benefit from a huge crowd.

This record is definitely worth a listen if you’re into alternative or rock bands like Bloc Party, Our Lady Peace or even The Killers. There’s something to be said for really talented rock bands, and it seems like Atomic Tom are just that.

I’d be really interested to check the band out live, to see if they have that special something that will let them connect with a huge crowd. If they have that, they just might be super rich and famous some day.

Track Listing:

01. Let Me Go
02. The Moment
03. Take Me Out
04. Red Light Warning Sign
05. We Were Never Meant To Be
06. I’m Coming After You
07. Play That Dirty Girl
08. Maybe I’m Wrong
09. You Always Get What You Want
10. This Is How We Like To End

Run Time: 35:08
Release Date: July 27, 2010