As a seasoned and veteran audio engineer I was more than excited to try out the new Sony PiiQ (“peek”) Stereo Headphones. It was with great enthusiasm that I plugged these into my player and sat back for a listen. What I found when I hit play was quite impressive to say the least. I initially began my listening experience with some rather heavy tunes and eventually expanded my listening to other genres in order to get a more well rounded experience. No matter what I was listening to though, the frequency response and the depth of the sound truly blew me away.

It has been my experience that many other headphones on the market have an unnatural, at times uncharacteristic mid-level frequency bump which can be somewhat annoying. I found quite a different response from the Sony PiiQ headphones. I feel that the frequency response on these headphones is more natural and definitely more representative of the music that I was listening to. The bass booster earpiece feature really kicks the low end up a notch, something that is missing from most other headphones, while the high end frequencies are crisp and clean, making these headphones very enjoyable to listen to.

As far as design goes, the comfortable snug fit definitely adds to the listening enjoyment and the addition of a cord slider helps to prevent tangled cords. These headphones also come in a variety of fun, distinct, bright fluorescent colors that allow the user to select a color to match their personality.

At the end of the day I was quite impressed with the Sony PiiQ Stereo Headphones and I would recommend them to anyone who desires a crisp, clean sound that is truly representative of the music they are listening to.

Check out the song: “Fall”