Members of ORBS pooled their musical talents to create their debut album Asleep Next to Science. The group of musicians boast various musical backgrounds and all were previously members in other bands. For example, Adam Fisher and Clayton “Goose” Holyoak come from Fear Before, Dan Briggs brings experience from Between the Buried and Me, Ashley Ellyllon hails from Abigail Williams and Cradle of Filth and Chuck Johonson takes his experience from Torch Runner.

With such a varied musical background, the resulting mix could be awful or fantastic… in this case, fortunately nothing but the latter. Fantastic piano riffs abound and set ORBS apart from other similar groups who meld different musical styles. At times edgier elements such as screaming and roaring guitars are blended with the harmonious keyboards and percussion creating a wonderful cacophony of frantic yet relaxing sounds. The United States quintet might be labeled as rock, progressive or even experimental, but one thing’s for sure… they are definitely worth a listen; especially if you are seeking music that is a little bit different – like a cosmic experience.

ORBS will touring their motherland from mid August until mid September, 2010. It would a shame to not see them perform their tunes live. Their greatly-anticipated debut album is set for release on August 17th by way of Equal Vision Records. Get online and pre-order this gem of an album. If you don’t like it… then go suck an ORB!

Genres: Experimental, Progressive Rock, Progressive, Indie, Rock