The Skinny: Typically, when a band is called “metal” , I usually think that means they are one of the following: A) Loud B) Fast and/ or C) Aggressive. When I listened to October File’s second full-length album Our Souls to You it was clear the four-piece from across the pond really understands how to make a solid metal album by these standards.

What grabbed me first was the sonic resemblance to bands before October File’s time such as Pantera, Godsmack and earlier Mastodon. Vocalist Ben Hollyer even channels Slayer’s Tom Araya vaguely at points. Similarities aside, October File seems to never get old – each track is fresh and feels heavier than the last as the CD progresses leaving rekwnoned taste-maker Kerrang! to say: “There’s a simultaneous elegance and urgency that puts October File ahead of its competition… hard as fuck and unpretentious to the core.” And that’s just it – good, unrelenting metal.

Gaining notoriety in North America, October File recently toured with label mates Fear Factory as part of the band’s European promotion for Our Souls to You. October File really seems to understand what goes into a great album, definitely look into songs like “Dregde”, “Eau Du War” and “Love Is (A Warm AK47)” for some guaranteed headbanging.  [ END ]

Genres: Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Industrial Metal, Metal