8 Studio Albums, 1 Live Album, 2 Compilation Albums, 4 Extended Plays, 37 Splits and 4 Promos. That is the list of audio releases Fuck Of Facts have to date. With all that FTF decided it was time to release their first DVD Disgorge Mexico: The DVD. This release comes in two different parts; the being a live show and the second a movie.

‘Live Disgorge’ was a live performance filmed on August 2nd, 2008 at Le Petit Chicago (Hull Qc). Here Fuck The Facts performs their album Disgorge Mexico in its entirety and displays how they can transpose their songs to a live atmosphere perfectly. The camera work was well done for such a small release and they had some pretty great shots of the band. One thing I really enjoyed was that they added a nice old styled intro and also intermission footage that made you think of old westerns. The only thing I didn’t like about the footage was that it was a bit dark, they could have tried lightening it up a bit more to give a better view of these great French metalheads.

‘Disgorge Mexico: The Movie’ is a film created by David Hall. He sets some really messed up footage over the Fuck The Facts Disgorge Mexico audio. David Hall has quoted the film as “a substance abuse art house riff on the destructive and volatile nature of love.” The film follows a woman throughout her strange journey called life. It takes a few sittings to get an understanding of what’s going on in the film… David Hall is a creative mind with lots of ideas just waiting to be dispersed into this world.

There is also a bonus disc that comes with this release that has live footage and trailers. It is definitely worthwhile for any Fuck The Facts fans or people who like messed up movies. I want to give a round of applause to vocalist Mel Mongeon for the great art she created for this DVD.

‘Live Disgorge’:

01. Borders
02. No Return
03. Absence and Despite
04. Kelowna
05. As Empires Expand and Collapse
06. Dead End
07. Driving Through Fallen Cities
08. La Culture Du Faux
09. State of Panic
10. No Place For Failure
11. The Storm
12. Apathy Is A Karma Killer
13. Golden Age
14. The Pile Of Flesh You Carry
15. Sleepless

Disgorge Mexico The Movie (Bonus Disc):

01. Live In Hamilton, ON @ The Casbah May 8th 2009
02. Live In Amsterdam, Holland @ Stubnitz March 16th 2009
03. Metallica Fridays With Psyopus August 2008
04. Live In Arlington Heights, IL @ Knights Of Columbus August 22nd 2008
05. “Western Canadian Tour June 2008”
06. Live In Victoria, BC @ Logans Pub June 11th 2008
07. Disgorge BBQ
08. Live Disgorge Trailer
09. Disgorge, Mexico: The Movie Trailer
10. VS The Dead Trailer

Release Date: May 11, 2010

Check out the song: “The Storm”