Who likes to party to death metal? If you answered yes, then I’ve got the perfect album for you. Attila’s 2010 release Rage is the ticket to your next party. These young musicians know how to bring down the house with their intense music and do so very well with this release.

Attila has ventured across North America touring with the likes of Arsonists Get All The Girls, Threat Signal, Drop Dead Gorgeous, See You Next Tuesday, Within The Ruins and other notable metal acts. Through these opportunities they have built a strong following. Growing this fan base combined with years of touring and previous releases the band was well prepared for this new album.

Rage begins with the song “The End” in which you hear police sirens as the cops make their way to bust an Attila party. It takes nine crazy death metal songs for the party to quiet down, but by then the police have lost the battle and the thrill seeking partiers have been satisfied. Each song contains both great groove and breakdown parts with overlaying of some killer death metal growls and group chants.

One track that jumps right out at me is “Jumanji”. The chorus is just so upbeat and happy mixed with the growling lyrics: “Shake your ass girl, break it down and drop it low…” It’s a chorus that gets stuck in your brain and just won’t get out; it’s like your grey matter has it on repeat.

Rage is a definite party album for all death metal fans. It makes me want to make the most brutal party happen right in my home complete with littering beer cans and broken furniture. Fans of Bury Tomorrow, Arise And Ruin, Bring Me The Horizon and Chelsea Grin will love this record.

Track Listing:

01. The End
02. Make It Sick
03. The Invitation
04. Rage
05. Lights Out
06. Temper
07. Girls Don’t Lie
08. Strikeout
09. Cheyenne 420
10. Jumanji

Run Time: 26:59
Release Date: May 11, 2010

Check out the song: “Rage”