Living near Toronto, you hear of a variety of bands that get the opportunity to play with bigger acts. Often these bands are later signed to some record label. Grimy metal band Vilipend are one of these such groups. They have performed with The Dillinger Escape Plan, Fuck The Facts, Psyopus, Buried Inside and many others. They have also toured with Lords, Titan, Barn Burner Akroid and Ken Mode in 2009.

Through performing with so many renowned acts, Vilipend were able to create a solid fanbase and release a few albums, one of them being a 7” vinyl named Plague Bearer. It is pretty amazing to hear of a band releasing a vinyl. To keep pace with the times though, they have also released it digitally.

This release starts off with the title track “Plague Bearer” which opens with a picked guitar and leads into a crash of instruments and shouting. This dirty feeling continues for all three songs ultimately making your head spin. I always feel like I am about to hit the floor after listening to the third song “Dulling Silver”.

Toronto has been hit by a vast number of bands but none quite compare to Vilipend. These guys sure have left their mark on the city and don’t show any sign of cleaning it off. The band is hard at work on a new album due out in the not so distant future. Fans of Titan, Fuck The Facts, Metz and Mendozza will love to bath in Vilipend’s muddy waters.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Plague Bearer
02. Magnificent Desolation
03. Dulling Silver

Run Time: 12:57
Release Date: 04.24.2010