From the ashes of SNOT comes the band TONS. As is instantly recognizable, the band’s name is simply SNOT mirrored. As I am part of their fan base, I found this track a few months ago. I keep returning to their MySpace in hopes that something new will surface. Alas nothing yet, but one can continue to hope we will, no?

My interest in this track is based on the intense punk-fused funk, with beautifully vile yet poetic lyrics. When I listen to the song I hear the band that for some undefined reason has always managed to entertain thousand of fans. I also found it to be absolutely haunting how much their new singer Brandon actually sounds like James Lynn Strait at times.

TONS will hopefully go forward and resurrect the sick sound only SNOT could produce. I’m really excited to hear something new by them; I’m definitely impressed by what I’ve heard so far. Fans of funk-fused, jazz metal are encouraged to check them out online.  [ END ]

Run Time: 2:33

Check out the song: “Ability & Control”