This is actually a CD that comes with the DVD though my review is of the album, I am sure the visual performance to this amazing live album is a marvel. I listened to this album with prior expectations, being I thought that I had heard The Haunted before. I found myself to be gravely mistaken, and would now consider myself a fan.

The band has evolved a lot since the last time that I had heard of them, I remember hearing the heaviest band that melted my brain but never peaked my personal interest. Perhaps it was because I had never seen them live that I had not noticed their genius. This album was a dark, brooding and aggressive emotional landscape of musical harmony. Though I could ramble with descriptive words that bleed into each other, I would strongly urge any new fans, or old fans of The Haunted to go pick up a copy of this album.

Inspirations from a wide range of musical genres with no regard for the restrictions of time, with an absolute diversity that will have you dancing around in an energetic passion, to smashing your own teeth in with a brick in the vein of adrenaline. The songs that remained ringing in my ears after I turned the album off were “The Drowning” which I found to set good pace, and feel for the record (being the second track) and the track “D.O.A” which was just a solid, heavy tune.

I would strongly urge anyone that likes The Haunted to check the Road Kill CD/DVD out, and a concert with your album is never unwelcome, though I have not yet watched the concert I am sure that like the album it is metallic bliss.  [ END ]

DVD Includes:

– Road Kill: On The Road With The Haunted (65 Min.)
– Live In Amsterdam
– Six Music Videos
– Bonus Audio Tracks

Track Listing:

01. Little Cage (live)
02. The Drowning (live)
03. Trespass (live)
04. The Premonition (live)
05. The Flood (live)
06. Medication (live)
07. Moronic Colossus (live)
08. D.O.A. (live)
09. All Against All (live)
10. In Vein (live)
11. Trenches (live)
12. Dark Intentions (live)
13. Bury Your Dead (live)
14. Faultline (live)
15. 99 (live)
16. Hate Song (live)
17. Sacrifice
18. Meat Wagon
19. Walk On Water
20. Seize The Day
21. Infernalis Mundi

Run Time: 1:13:27
Release Date: 06.08.2010