Since releasing The ’59 Sound The Gaslight Anthem have had a reputation as a band that wears their inspirations on their sleeves. Comparisons to Bruce Springsteen can be found in nearly every article written about the band in the last two years. American Slang released on June 15th, is the band’s attempt to take the music that inspired them – Punk, Classic Rock, R&B – and make it sound entirely their own.

In this regard the CD absolutely works, the references to past musicians are much more subtle, and the lyrics develop on the themes established in The ’59 Sound – young love, lost love and growing up – are expanded on. Musically, the CD is also expanded, the classic chord progression of the songs on The ’59 Sound have evolved into much more riff -based songs on American Slang.

Standout tracks on the CD include “The Spirit Of Jazz”, “Stay Lucky” and “Old Haunts”, though none of these songs are quite as good as the best songs on The ’59 Sound. The CD also ends on a weak note, as “We Did It When We Were Young” may well be my least favorite song the band has ever released.

New and established fans will find a lot to like in this CD, which, at only 10 songs is absolutely worth at least one listen.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. American Slang
02. Stay Lucky
03. Bring It On
04. The Diamond Church Street Choir
05. The Queen of Lower Chelsea
06. Orphans
07. Boxer
08. Old Haunts
09. The Spirit of Jazz
10. We Did It When We Were Young

Run Time: 34:13
Release Date: 06.15.2010