The band of four brothers known as Les Sages, recently released their newest creation titled Share This. It’s the group’s second record and is a fiery blend of rock, electronic and indy sounds which boasts a long list of musical influences including: Bloc Party, The Arcade Fire, Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins, and Taking Back Sunday.

When viewing their impressive list of muses I was super-excited to hear what might come out of this mix. The resulting collection of songs is a blend of both hits and misses. For example, “The Soldier’s Mark” is one of Les Sages’ best songs; it boasts a sweet combo of sounds complete with vocal harmonies. They really do a great job for setting the track’s emotional tone on the keyboards, especially during the introduction. The melody really is gripping and draws in the listener.

Overall, Les Sages are really good musicians and song writers but this album does have one major fault… it sounds too much like Taking Back Sunday (one of their aforementioned influences). Les Sages borrowed a couple of TBS’ signature musical moves, including really long vocal notes in the chorus and depressing melodies, and inserted them into nearly every song on Share This.

While it certainly is not so good when the majority of songs on a new album re-use the same techniques and constantly remind the listener of a different band, this still somehow manages to remain a very creative album; one that is a fantastic listen overall.  [ END ]

Tour Dates:

01. The League War
02. Reinvention
03. The Soldier’s Mark
04. Friends
05. Nomads
06. Red Lights
07. Action
08. Rain City
09. Mumbled
10. Driver Of The Hearse
11. Tricks

Run Time: 37:50
Release Date: 04.27.2010