The Skinny: I remember the first time I saw Kathleen Turner Overdrive, they hit the small stage and got right into it thrashing around with high amounts of energy. This is what first drew me to the band. Not long that experience, Underground Operations announced the signing of KTO and the release of an EP named Marauders!Wolves!Scavengers!Party!. The EP is six tracks of sick music. I can listen to this release on repeat a crap load of times. It never gets stale.

Kathleen Turner Overdrive not only has great music but also an ecstatic live performance. They pump the room full of energy and just go wild. The whole band throws their heads around and usually during breakdowns do the good old up and down movements with their instruments. Vocalist Steven Mills has some of the best intermissions between songs; just shooting the shit at the crowd. He talks about random things that seem to just come to mind on the spot. The performance they gave was always hot like lava.

This hardcore band will definitely be missed throughout the Canadian community as they recently went their own ways. Nevertheless, Kathleen Turner Overdrive will forever be blaring out of our speakers. If you have not heard KTO make sure you head on over to their MySpace and listen to their tunes while drinking some gin. Also pick up a copy of their EP Marauders!Wolves!Scavengers!Party! in stores or at the Underground Operations online store.

“I was wed, ‘neath a neon sign, shaped like girls and hundred dollar bills.”  [ END ]

Genres: Southern Rock, Post-Hardcore, Hardcore, Metalcore