In Denmark, Kashmir are one of the biggest modern bands that the country is currently listening to. After one listen to No Balance EP it is hard to pinpoint why their success hasn’t spread elsewhere because they are packed with indie goodness, waiting to be loved.

The No Balance EP contains songs that were on Kashmir’s 2005 album No Balance Palace, yet the EP was not released until February 2010. Presumably the EP was to coincide with Kashmir’s US tour in 2010. Hopefully those that missed the shows were able to pick up a copy as listening to this EP is a fantastic way of spending thirty minutes.

No Balance EP kicks off with the slowly emerging “Kalifornia” which builds up into an epic, fast-paced song. During “Kalifornia” many people will relate Kashmir with British indie band Doves, but the following track “The Cynic” wipes the slate clean with it’s crunchy distortion. Incredibly, it is David Bowie, who helps on this song, providing vocals from the second verse onwards. A truly remarkable guest appearance for a small band like Kashmir.

“Ophelia” is the third track and the quality of Kashmir still doesn’t appear to fade. This song can be related to early Radiohead with it’s alt-rock sound and brilliant built-up instrumental finish. “The Curse Of Being A Girl” and “She’s Made Of Chalk” are the next installments and they fluctuate between a slow and fast pace which are easy on the casual listener and perfect for radio. “Ether” closes the EP and rounds it off very well. The intro is filled with restrained drums and reverb which eventually builds up beautifully for an exciting final minute, definitely stamping a final ‘wow’ effect on the listener.

Kashmir are a band that the world quite simply has to hear. They are mature but exciting at the same time. Younger generations can enjoy the pace of songs such as “The Cynic”, while adults can appreciate the substance in the more thoughtful tracks such as “Ophelia”.

Far too much American and British music is overexposed while bands with far more integrity in countries such as Denmark are largely ignored. Kashmir are clearly one of those bands that unfortunately have been ignored due to their location. Hopefully with more collaborations with people such as Bowie, Kashmir can gain the reputation that they deserve. They are truly one of the best ‘hidden gems’ of today.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Kalifornia
02. The Cynic
03. Ophelia
04. The Curse Of Being A Girl
05. She’s Made Of Chalk
06. Ether

Run Time: 27:51
Release Date: 02.16.2010