It’s rare that the term emo can still be applied to anything decently interesting or original – those days of lore are long dead and gone – but More Songs, the debut full length from Illinois/Indiana band Grown Ups, is a notable exception. This short LP harkens back to the time of Saves The Day and cult legends Cap’n Jazz when emo was a genre you could enjoy without feeling slightly ashamed. But, perhaps we can turn a new corner with music like More Songs and try to forget about the glam, scenester pop of Panic! At the Disco and Fallout Boy.

To get a sense of the album’s tone you only have to glance at the haphazard arrangement of the cover art, which is reminiscent of Scholastic’s I-Spy picture books (remember those?). More Songs is a light-hearted, tumbling look at growing up through the lens of young adulthood and remembering that, overall, it wasn’t really that bad. The songs are dynamic and tumultuous to a level that ignites genuine excitement and each track on the album is worth listening to simply for the thrill of following the lead guitar’s erratic and bustling journey for three and a half minutes.

The album bleeds sentimental memories of Midwest America as these four guys remember it, and it’s refreshing to hear some emotional music that can encompass joy, or at least basic contentment, and not become pop trash. More Songs is a treat worth listening to, and if you ever walked home drunk through Autumn suburbs and listened to The Promise Ring or “Four Minute Mile” then you simply have to get your hands on this record. Seriously, you’ll know exactly what I mean.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Weed Science
02. Johnny Edwards
03. Three Day Weekend
04. Six More Weeks of Winter
05. Surprise Party
06. Pears
07. Open Sesame
08. Orange Cat
09. Spider Mansion
10. Are You Shitten Me?

Run Time: 35.30
Release Date: 05.18,.2010