Most bands when signed will release an album every few years. Fuck The Facts go against the grain and put out CDs, tapes, vinyls and downloads whenever they please. Now they have taken it upon themselves to release a compilation of all their French songs named St. Jean Baptiste 2010. It is in celebration of the Quebec holiday St. Jean Baptiste.

Throughout their whole career they have only written 6 French songs. This is a surprise since Mel Mongeon is from Quebec Canada (you can tell from her French accent when talking to her in person). Each track is full of blast beats, fast guitaring and chaotic screams. And on top of that, they have French lyrics that are screamed by Mel through all six songs. This is a formula to make your head spin.

Something I found neat about this release is that the songs are in order from newest to oldest. Below I have put the name of the album beside the song. If you have all these albums, you will already have these tracks. It shows the progression Fuck The Facts have taken throughout the years since early 2000.

St. Jean Baptiste 2010 was a download only release by Fuck The Facts that was only up from June 23rd till June 24th. It is a great compilation for the French fans. If you missed out on downloading the record, go purchase any of the other six releases to hear the tracks. Fans of Origin, Beneath The Massacre, Leng Tch’e and Psyopus will like Fuck The Facts. Au revoir.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. La Tête Hors de l’Eau -2010 (Unnamed EP)
02. Charlatan (Fuck The Facts/ Leng Tch’e Split)
03. La Culture Du Faux (Disgorge Mexico)
04. La Dernière Image(Stigmata High-Five)
05. Éclat-Boue-Sang (Legacy Of Hopelessness)
06. La Tête Hors de l’Eau -2003 (Fuck The Facts/Sergent Slaughter Split)

Run Time: 22:13
Release Date: 06.23.2010