I have been waiting for this album. I didn’t know much about BTBAM around Alaska. A friend was listening to “Colors” around the time of its release and immediately the beautiful flow of the guitars had me entranced enough for one listen. Long story short, I bought the album and have been a fan of Between the Buried and Me ever since.

In my own comparison, I would consider BTBAM to be reminiscent at times of a heavy metal version of Pink Floyd. (Being that they create a musical landscape more than just writing a song.) If you were a fan of “Colors” this album is an obvious step forward in progression, while still maintaining what is familiar to fans.

“Mirrors” an absolutely eerie introduction into a landscape of beauty that allows the mind to wander, leads right into “Obfuscation” a collaboration beautiful guitar work, solid drums, and dark, gritty vocal work remaining true to what we have all grown to love about Between the Buried and Me. bringing together an absolutely tasty beginning to a masterpiece of an album.

With “The Great Misdirect” I found more clean vocals, more acoustic workings. But, also the intricate time changes, almost sounds like figuring out a mathematical equation with chords and rhythm. The new additions do not take away from their crazy diversity between genres; I would give a high recommendation to their new album to anyone that enjoys a little dancing while their face gets melted off.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Mirrors
02. Obfuscation
03. Disease, Injury, Madness
04. Fossil Genera – A Feed from Cloud Mountain
05. Desert Of Song
06. Swim To The Moon

Run Time: 59:34
Release Date: 10.27.2009