BloodyDisgusting, the internet’s #1 horror and gore website has the exclusive premiere of Beneath The Sky’s newest music video, “Terror Starts At Home”; a bone-chilling tale of revenge portrayed in the most graphic way known to man. This video is tightly based on the lyrical content inspired by a young girl’s life altering circumstance.

“The song is about a fan who came up to me after a show and told me this awful story about her father who had raped her. On top of that, she contracted an STD; my mind was blown.” singer Joey Nelson exclaims, “I couldn’t imagine something happening like that. This song is a tribute to her, and many of the other victims who are helpless and desire revenge. This song is their anthem, their outlet, their hand-holding the knife and cutting the mother fucker’s dick off.”

It’s possible you’ve never seen a music video like this. Taking the vein of “Hostel”, “Saw” and “Cabin Fever”, this video is to be watched with extreme caution and may not be suitable for those who are weak at heart. See the video now at THIS LOCATION.

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