What would modern music be without screams grunts and growls? Sometimes it’s nice just to take a step back and enjoy music ‘sans vocals,’ leaving pure instrumentals. That is the bold move Behold… The Arctopus took with their latest album Skullgrid. This trio has taken influences from their former projects to create trendsetting music.

Each member of Behold… The Arctopus has previously played in acclaimed bands that involve high levels of talent. On the album Skullgrid they use these influences of and mix it all into one, creating some very diverse-sounding music. The original sound and the absence of vocals really separates them from other bands. Another aspect that puts them into a class of their own is Colin Marston’s warr guitar, a 12 stringed guitar that involves two handed tapping; especially noticeable in the song “Canada”.

Overall the music is complex, heavy and phenomenal. There are great guitar and warr guitar leads and the drumming accents the chaotic melodies. Something which makes the instrumentals so great is that although nothing seems to make sense it still sounds pleasant to the ear.

To add to Skullgrid’s greatness are guest solos preformed by Mick Barr and Jordan Rudess. This album demands your attention but, if you lose focus you will be confused so listen up. Fans of PsyOpus, Direwolf, Dysrhythmia and Byla will really enjoy Behold… The Arctopus’ music.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Skullgrid
02. Canada
03. Of Cursed Womb
04. You Are Number Six
05. Some Mist
06. Scepters
07. Transient Exuberance

Run Time: 33:50
Release Date: 10.16.2007