Authority Zero’s fourth album Stories of Survival is more of the reggae fused punk-rock that has earned this band the status of “royalty” in the genre. Though this was the first time I had listened to Authority Zero, their music is an interesting listen and reflects their influences, which they are not afraid to hide, or experiment with in their sound. If you listen with the right ears you can definitely hear the inspiration of Sublime and Bad Religion.

Stories of Survival might be considered just another punk album, but I found it to have something more to it than just that. Besides, you don’t get signed to Suburban Noize Records by being just some punk band. I would consider this record to be pop-punk with reggae influences, but enough rugged edge to be enjoyed by someone who still believes punk is dead.

The track “Big Bad World” really made me like the album, though it is not the best track on the disc. It is however the changing point that wakes you up and makes you realize this is no generic album. Instead Authority Zero have the ability to mix that bland ‘same old beat’ into something a little more tasty.

The album’s cover art was the initial pull in for me, though it’s nothing extremely bizarre or intense it has a simplistic beauty that maintains proper coordination with color and placement in my personal opinion. Earlier I may have said I had not heard Authority Zero before, but I will be checking out their future endeavors for sure.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. The New Pollution
03. A Day To Remember
04. Brick In The Wave
05. Get It Right
06. Big Bad World
07. Break The Mold
08. Crashland
09. Liberia Dedication
10. Movement
11. The Remedy
12. No Way Home

Run Time: 41:57
Release Date: 06.22.2010