Xavier Rudd’s ninth album Koonyum Sun is a smooth mix of sounds. It’s an album that has sweet, mellow melodies filled with a wonderful reggae feel provided by percussionist Andile Nqubezelo. This makes the album have continuously slow beats overall, but does speed up in intervals with faster songs like “Time To Smile,” in which the artists send out super happy vibes. Said vibes do contribute in making the album a bit folksy, especially with lyrics about nature.

This said, Koonyum Sun doe shave a nature theme running through nearly all of its songs, especially the tune “Fresh Green Freedom.” It makes sense that the album would be this way considering that the Australian musician is associated with Surf Rider and Sea Shepherd, two environmental organizations that advocate for the protection of nature, especially the oceans. Aside from trees and seas, another notable aspect of this album is bassist Tio Moloantoa and his funky rhythms – his playing really shines on this disc.

Overall, this album is a really good listen and will make a great addition to Xavier Rudd’s extensive discography. It will also compliment a hammock and cerveza very nicely.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Sky to Ground
02. Set Me Free
03. Fresh Green Freedom
04. The Reasons We Were Blessed
05. Love Comes and Goes
06. Soften the Blow
07. Koonyum Sun
08. Time To Smile
09. Woman Dreaming
10. Breeze
11. Yandi
12. Bleed
13. Badimo

Run Time: ??:??
Release Date: 04.20.2010