The master of horror-infused industrial metal is back and better than ever. As a long time fan of Rob Zombie, I feel this newest release, Hellbilly Deluxe 2, is one of his best CDs to date. By combining his trademark groove and swagger with a bit more technicality, Zombie serves up a huge helping of groove laced terror.

Zombie has pretty much been a staple of the industrial metal genre for years now and time and time again, he has proven that he can crank out solid releases; Hellbilly Deluxe 2 is no exception. Zombie brings the heaviness he is known for while still maintaining his signature infectious groove.

I am hard pressed to find a song on here that I do not like but I am particularly fond of “Burn” and “Werewolf Women Of The SS.” I feel that both of these songs are classic Zombie tunes that will please fans new and old alike.

One tune that stuck out to me and I feel is worth mentioning is “The Man Who Laughs.” It is the last track on the disc and midway through it breaks into an extended drum solo, (for lack of a better term), that I found interesting and ultimately, quite cool.

There really is nothing bad to say about Hellbilly Deluxe 2. The CD insert alone is worth the price of admission; there are pages of killer comic book type illustrations and paintings adorning the booklet. While I feel this disc does not stray too much from the classic Zombie we have all come to recognize it is still a very solid release. Fans of the band and/or industrial metal will be more than pleased with this disc.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Jesus Frankenstein
02. Sick Bubble Gum
03. What?
04. Mars Needs Women
05. Werewolf Baby
06. Virgin Witch
07. Death And Destiny Inside The Dream Factory
08. Burn
09. Cease To Exist
10. Werewolf Women Of The SS
11. The Man Who Laughs

Run Time: 46:18
Release Date: 02.02.2010