Perfect Insanity is a fantastic metal and classic rock fusion boasting high energy and all around good tunes. Fabulous guitar riffs and vocals rip through every song and really give the album flare. These have been characteristics of previous albums, but really shine more brightly on this one. On Perfect Insanity all the band members sing and take the high notes (and album) to the next level.

Perfect Insanity is a release for fans, new and old, to add to their respective collections. It’s one of many albums; all boasting fabulous cover art dating back to 1994’s Inside Out. The band hails all the way from Germany and Stockholm but fans can still get a chance to see them ‘in person’ in the video at the beginning of this CD. It’s pretty good; it really adds a personal touch to the release.

As aforementioned, this one of the best, if not the best, Jaded Heart release to date. I’m sure many die-hard fans will disagree with me, but if you’ve never been introduced to their music, this release is an outstanding place to begin. Check them out and be prepared for sheer awesomeness!  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. Love is a Killer
03. Fly Away
04. Blood Stained Lies
05. Tonight
06. Freedom call
07. One Life One Death
08. Rising
09. Hell Just Arrived
10. Psycho Kiss
11. Come to the Feast
12. Exterminated

Run Time: ??
Release Date: 11.24.2009