The Skinny: Despite the horrific car accident that put longtime bassist Chi Cheng in a coma from which he is yet to recover, the Deftones are back with a superb sixth studio album, Diamond Eyes. An American hard rock, alternative, metal, at-times-impossible-to-categorize band from Sacramento, California, the Deftones came into existence in 1988 and have been stirring heads ever-since. Even though they formed in the late 80s, the band would not release their debut record Adrenaline until 1995.

It would be fair to say that since this initial release the band have been through many different musical periods. They have seen a lot of milestones along the way, but it seems that their sonic shape shifting continues to serve the band well. With every new release the Deftones are seemingly re-energized and downright surprising. They always bring their trademark sound and remain completely palatable, yet somehow find a way to constantly distinguish themselves from all of their peers, the band themselves included. As a result, in spite of dwindling album sales, their mind bogglingly brilliant music remains very important to many people.

Sure everyone has their own favourite Deftones era, but the essential fact you need to know about the band, if you haven’t heard their material before, is that they’re truly a unique and brilliant lot of musicians. They can be emotional and also powerful, sometimes at the same time and you must be prepared for singer Chino Moreno’s vocals which contain astounding moments that send shivers up your spine. Diamond Eyes is a GEM of a release proving yet again that Deftones are still one of the best in the world. We can only hope that Chi pulls through to play again with the mighty ‘tones.

Check out the video for the song “Rocket Skates” from the upcoming Diamond Eyes release. The video was co-directed by 13thWitness and Kenzo Digital. The album is set for a May 4th release date. Be SURE to grab this disc.

Genres: Metal, Alternative, Rock, Nu Metal, Alternative Rock