Black Sunshine is Rock and Roll the way it is meant to be played. This self-titled release is gritty and unpretentious with a heavy dose of southern rock influences. Black Sunshine incorporates solid songwriting, killer musical chops and a phenomenal production making this an album that begs to be cranked up.

While I feel every song on this record seriously kicks ass, (they generally contain a catchy hook and enough swagger to satisfy even the most discriminate listener), there were a few that found myself rewinding so that I could listen to them repeatedly. The riff driven “Hell Yeah” is one of those tunes. From the very first note the groove seeps into your soul and becomes so infectious, you cannot help but be drawn into it. Most definitely, a tune to be played on a hot summer night, cranked to eleven while enjoying a couple of beers with your buddies.

“Psycho Babble” is another one of those tunes, but for a different reason. While this song also has a great riff, it also includes some awesome guitar shredding, a great big production and huge background vocals. Even the balledesque “Cannonball” is a good tune. Yes, it is a bit more on the commercial side, but it is easy to see this tune lighting up the all request lines at your local rock station.

This record is good… REALLY GOOD. I do not feel it will take long for Black Sunshine to be noticed and when it does, expect to hear it flooding the airwaves. Bottom line this is a real good, high-energy rock record that is well worth picking up.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. Holy Gasoline
03. Burn To Shine
04. Once In My Life
05. Slave
06. Cannonball
07. Hell Yeah
08. Tears
09. Skeletons
10. Flying Sideways
11. Psycho Babble

Run Time: 39:28
Release Date: 05.25.2010