The Ones I Denied is filled with lots of stunning harmonies combined with great songwriting and an almost avant-garde sensibility making it a very enjoyable disc to listen to. The singer, Maya has a voice that is powerful when it needs to be and is just as capable at conveying an almost ethereal mood when the situation dictates. The musicianship is quite good and the instrumentation is fresh, innovative and highly creative, very unlike anything on the market today except maybe The Shiny Toy Guns.

At times, the music is a bit heavy and at other times, it is almost dreamy and otherworldly. The Raygun Girls really defies any attempt to categorize them as they easily and skillfully incorporate many different genres all at once; melding them to form what is a dazzling and very original CD. The Ones I Denied is a modern rock work of art that includes blazing guitar solos, varied tempo work and fantastic lyrical hooks that are compelling and listener-friendly. The powerful melodies and guitars, all serve as a background to the diverse vocals of Maya.

Honestly, I like every song on this disc but after a second listen, I think that “Burning” and “All I Want” are my favorites.

Even though The Ones I Denied is not your typical metal fare, there is something on here for just about everyone. Granted you may not be banging your head through the whole disc, but if you are a fan of solid, well-written and very well-produced music, you will not want to miss this one, it is good.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. A Matter Of Time
02. I Am
03. I’m Cursed
04. Burning
05. All I Want
06. Can’t Die Now
07. Sleep
08. Grandiloquent
09. Sacrifice
10. I’m Cursed (Sex Attack Mix)

Run Time 40:26
Release Date: 05.03.2006