The Skinny: Son of Aurelius… While they might not actually be the offspring of a Roman Emperor, they’re still a cool, up and coming death metal band. While most groups can take years to develop their sound and find their niche, Son of Aurelius has already released their debut record and the group just formed last year. The group came together at the initiative of lead singer Josh Miller who gathered local area musicians for a small recording project he had in mind. They soon discovered that they shared a solid musical chemistry together and wrote and recorded three songs in only five days of recording. Stylistically, the band members found they were able to mesh their own individual influences which ranged from brutal death metal to Swedish style melodic death metal.

The results of the three song demo were so promising that Miller and company decided that there was more to this project than just a few songs. Sticking to their habit of working quickly, the band spent only fifteen days this past August recording their debut full length record. To produce the album, the guys again worked with producer Zach Ohren who also produced the demo at Castle Ultimate Studios. Like the three track demo, the new songs well illustrate the diversity of influences and genres that are present in the band. Once the recording process was complete, the group turned the eleven track album over to Alan Douches who has worked with Mastodon, Shadows Fall, Cannibal Corpse, and The Black Dahlia Murder to mix and master it.

With the album all finished by September, all that was left to do was to give it a title and a release date. The record is called The Farthest Reaches and it is scheduled for release on April 13th. To support The Farthest Reaches, Son of Aurelius will be on a relentless wave of touring that begins in May playing a few shows with Whitechapel in the southwest. If their work ethic is any indication than Son of Aurelius is a band you’ll likely be hearing about for a long time to come.

Genres: Technical Death Metal, Progressive Death Metal, Death Metal, Deathcore, Technical Metalcore