The Skinny: It’s hard to believe but Sevendust has been a band for eighteen years now and is just about to release its eighth studio record. Formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992, the group has had its share of trials and tribulations but has certainly and always found a way to persevere. What’s truly remarkable is the fact that minus a few years without lead guitarist Clint Lowery, all of Sevendust’s original members remain in the band.

The band’s recent history is filled with a number of high and low points, perhaps none lower than the severe financial trouble the members found themselves in in 2006. The band’s record label at the time WineDark Records completely collapsed leaving Sevendust without distribution, tour funds or any money for that matter. What’s more is the band soon found out that their accountant had not been handling their taxes and finances correctly and it was soon discovered that they owed the government 120,000 dollars in taxes.

Things could not have been worse at the time but with lots of hard work and tons of touring, you could argue that Sevendust is just as relevant as ever. The band has managed to release three studio records since 2007, including the upcoming April release of Cold Day Memory. The new album is special for the fact that it marks the return of Clint Lowery to the band after a three record absence. Cold Day Memory features twelve new songs including the first single “Unravelling.” The album was produced by hard rock super producer Johnny K, famous for his work with a who’s who of hard rock including Staind, Disturbed and Three Doors Down.

Never a stranger to long tours, Sevendust will be hitting the road for most of the spring and summer, including an extensive, twenty-six date tour of Middle America in April and May. This comes almost right after a six week tour that the band did with Drowning Pool through February and all of March. There aren’t too many bands that work their asses off quite like Sevendust, a likely reason why most bands don’t last for two entire decades.

Genres: Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative Metal, Nu Metal