After a nine year hiatus Brazilian powerhouse Greensleeves have returned and brought with them a fabulous new album that was well worth the wait. Their new offering, The Elephant Truth, is packed full of sick guitar solos, loaded with guitar riffs and bursting with fabulous vocals. It’s brilliant from start to finish and showcases the very best the band has to offer.

As aforementioned, guitar riffs weave seamlessly into the melodies of each song along with seriously sweet guitar solos and powerful vocals. Gui Nogeira’s dynamic voice belts out high and low notes like nobody’s business. There’s a tinge of Ozzy Osborne to his voice in some songs, although the inspiration comes from Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Fates Warning. The drums are awesome and pound away really well. Apart from these elements, each tune has something abstract and poetic to make it distinct, yet simultaneously remain part of the whole story the album is telling.

Interestingly, there is an idea behind The Elephant Truth which the band introduces both on their CD cover and MySpace page. Once you hear it (I won’t say what it is), it’s intriguing to listen to the album again and notice how the music takes on a different meaning than what it had before. The final word from the band is: “to enjoy and make your own conclusions.”

The Elephant Truth probably has some flaws, but I was too busy enjoying it to notice any at all.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Coward’s Refuge
02. Parasites in Paradise
03. Fight My Fear
04. Not So Long
05. Come Back to Myself
06. Exit
07. Touch of the Wind
08. Out of Reality
09. Invisible Man
10. Time Should Be an Ally
11. Introspection
12. Crisis
13. Best Friends
14. The Blind Men and the Elephant
15. Blind By Choice
16. Recipes for the Greatest Lie
17. Engineers of the Day
18. Flood
19. Red Ocean
20. Passage
21. Epiphany
22. The Sentence
23. The Coward’s Refuse

Run Time: 73:53
Release Date: 07.01.2009