The Skinny: If you’re a musician in Toronto, Canada, chances are you’ve been to Rehearsal Factory – a jam space with two prime locations both downtown and in the West end. If you’ve ever been to either location you’ve probably met the dudes in Final Trigger. After all, they run the place. Final Trigger brings a wicked combination of Hardcore, Metal and Hip Hop to the table which they call Skrap Metal; the closest comparison I can make would be Slipknot, only more “gangsta”.

Final Trigger released their debut five-song EP entitled Skrap Metal on October 16, 2009. Since the drop of the album, things have been picking up for the boys and both more shows and touring are soon to come. In March of 2010, Final Trigger began shooting an insane music video for their song “Start A Mosh Pit”. The video below is just to get you stoked for the actual video to come.

No matter where they play, Final Trigger steals the show. As soon as they hit the stage, you know who the crowd is there to see. Jay busts out a sick riff, Alex slaps that bass likes it owes him money, Dan spins and scratches for that added hip hop feel, J.J. brings the beat on the drums and you, well, you’re already moshing.

These “Rock ‘n’ Roll Gangsters” will leave you wanting more and craving the mosh, all 850 people who were at their CD release show will agree, and those who couldn’t get inside because it was sold out will back that up. If you like your music heavy, the THC (THC is an acronym for Toronto Hardcore) is the place to find it, so come out and “Start A Moshpit” with Final Trigger. “We’re Final Trigger Mutha Fucka, We Ain’t Stoppin!”

Genres: Skrap Metal, Metal, Hardcore, Hip Hop, NuMetal, Rock