Deep within Durham Region, five young musicians came together to create a band under the name Anathema’s Blessing. A few years later, this power metal outfit wrote and recorded their first release under the same name Anathema’s Blessing. Now this young band is ready to mature, going to new places and new heights.

After putting the CD into my player, I cranked up the volume and heard some good guitar picking riffage. A few seconds later the rest of the instruments came in and the keyboards took over the previous guitar riff. There was a minute of instrumentals and then the vocals stepped in. This set the pace for the rest of Anathema’s Blessing. Throughout the album you will hear all sorts of great metal instrumentals backed by high vocals. There is certainly no guessing which bands influenced Anathema’s Blessing.

A track that drew me into this band was “Sell The Soul”. The keyboard intro has kind of a Janne Warman feel about it. After that there is some great heavy metal instrumentals followed by some low to high vocal lines. Another song that grasped my eardrums was “Lords Of The Sky”. The chorus is fairly simple to memorize so you might find yourself singing it later in the day.

It’s rare to hear a band like Anathema’s Blessing in Ontario. If these young musicians keep up what they’re doing now a fan base will definitely form under their feet. Fans of Sonata Arctica, Symphony X, Stratovarius and Warmen will dig this band.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Lords Of The Sky
02. Never Real
03. Lament Pt.1
04. Lament Pt. 2
05. Sell The Soul
06. Home
07. Slay The Betrayer’s
08. The Sickness
09. Melodious & The Seer

Run Time: 52:54
Release Date: 03.12.2010

Check out the song: “Sell The Soul”