Veil Of Maya is a band that isn’t really well recognized in today’s metal scene. Sure, the people who like more underground metal likely know who they are, but it is without a doubt that this is one band who greatly merits much more exposure.

On April 1st of 2008, the group released their second full length album titled, The Common Man’s Collapse. This record is sheer awesome and any fan of the band can attest to that. The record as a whole aside however, their single “It’s Not Safe To Swim Today”, is easily the most insane song these musicians have ever written. It is a metal triumph; one that is riddled with beautiful melodies and intertwined with harsh vocals, mind-numbing drum patterns, and pure insanity.

The song boasts every element of math core/techcore one could want; from the rhythm of the instrumentation and the technicality of the guitar patterns to the brutality of the vocals, the song doesn’t have a dull moment. Additionally, the build up before the breakdown is gut wrenching and once it drops, it’s so, so devastating.

Some might argue that the one thing this track lacks is a higher quality of recording. But in the end, these guys prove that melodies, technicality, and metal are meant to be together, not separate. The band is gearing up to release a new album on April 6th… be ready for it.  [ END ]

Run Time: 2:44

Check out the song: “It’s Not Safe To Swim Today”