It’s Wednesday night and I’ve been working on projects for school all day. The Bootleg Glory has invited me to come check out their new material before they play a show I’m hosting on behalf of my clothing line, Poor Boy Clothing, on the following Tuesday.

What a great night it turned out to be. On my way to the jam space at Rehearsal Factory in Toronto, Ontario – operated by my boys in Final Trigger – I caught up with guitarist, Matt Meraw and his girlfriend and helped him carry some gear. We arrived, had some drinks and the boys started jam. They began with some old songs, namely “Radio Life” and “Little Bad Weather”, shortly followed by the circuit breaker being tripped. The other guitarist, Dylan Burns, and I ran around trying to find Dan, DJ for Final Trigger and the dude working the jam space that night, and power was quickly restored to the room.

Their new songs are awesome. They haven’t changed their sound from their most recent songs and still rock the blues-influenced indie rock that a multitude of labels love them for. Once you catch their set you’ll be moving your head and tapping feet, regardless of whether you intended to or not.

After we took our best stab at some French-Canadian stereotypes, they jammed out and tweaked their live set. Needless to say I’m incredibly stoked for all of their upcoming shows, which includes a Roadrunner Records showcase during Canadian Music Week.

With only half an hour left before the end of the jam session the boys decided to play some of their really old material. After a few jokes regarding the religious backgrounds of each of the band members, we packed up, paid and headed home. The Bootleg Glory will be tearing up the Toronto music scene throughout Canadian Music Week and coming to a town near you very soon, so check them out, you’ll love it!

Check out a song performed for: “The Smirnoff® Concert Series”