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The Skinny: For nearly half a decade, Our Lady of Bloodshed has been storming the stages of Canada. Combining an eclectic blend of death metal, hardcore, and progressive elements into an all-out assault, Our Lady of Bloodshed has left their audience bruised, bloody, and begging for more. This five-piece from Southern Ontario has united under a common goal – bring their music to the masses. The masterful fretwork of Mark Shannelly and Willie Muha, the driving bass of Bruce Cook, the thundering drums of Joey Muha, and the throat-shredding vocals of Wally Warwick round out a winning formula for success in a critical environment. With their first full-length VII being released independently in 2009, and more recently a new EP entitled The Resurrection being released online, the band is prepared – more than ever – for you to hear what they can do. Please listen responsibly. You can download the entire EP for FREE on their MySpace.!  [ END ]