Let Me In is the third full release from Arizona rockers Fight The Quiet. Boasting influences that range the gamut from Jimmy Eat World and The Fighters to heavier acts such as Underoath and Finch, this disc is packed with powerful vocals and great melodies combined with deeply personal, introspective lyrics that resonate long after the songs are over. I recently spoke with frontman Nathan James about the band and their new CD, Let Me In.

Your brand new CD titled, Let Me In, is set for release on March 2nd. Now that it is complete, how do you feel about it? Are you satisfied with the outcome?
Nathan: We are exceptionally happy with the outcome of our new recording. We found an identity within the process that I think people will relate to.

What was the writing process like for this CD? Did you guys all write together? How long did it take?
Nathan: Gruesome! It took about a little over four months. We wrote just around forty songs to finally land on six. We all write together, usually myself or Chris Wargo will bring what I call a skeleton of a song (maybe a verse and chorus) and the rest of the band will bring input and mold the song into what it’s final cut will be. Stephen then comes in to mold it even further, focusing a lot on lyrics and melody.

You worked with Stephen Short, a very well known well respected producer. How did you get in touch with him and what was it like working with him?
Nathan: I was familiar with his work with the band Augustana and really wanted to work with him. He accepts any material you send in, which is very rare these days. After a few weeks of phone calls about the band, he received our material. I guess you would have to ask him what it was about our songs that made him want to work with us, but he agreed to come out to Flagstaff, Arizona and sit in on a rehearsal. From there we started pre-production on the record and he really pushed us harder then any one has. That push helped us to create something that we are very proud of. He has a lot a knowledge from working with bands such as Queen and the classics but he’s up to date having worked with Camera Can’t Lie so that knowledge seems to have no limits.

Musically, how would you say you have progressed compared to the previous album?
Nathan: I think that as song writers we’ve learned (actually still learning) to write the song, not a part of the song. It’s hard to not marry yourself to ideas, but with Stephen over your shoulder saying “yeah, that part isn’t working” it’s not wise to argue. I am so impressed by the talent of my band mates. I think I’m the luckiest singer in the world. I learned from them so much during this record, and not just about music but about life. I love our last album, I think we carried on a lot of what we started on The Porcelain EP, with this album we just gotten closer to perfecting it.

I find it quite a pity that a band like Fight The Quiet, with a rich history and two solid albums under your belt, still has not found the recognition it deserves. Do you think Let Me In has the ability to change that?
Nathan: I’m glad we haven’t! We weren’t ready. Let Me In definitely has the ability. With the last two records we’ve been through a lot, some really cool things, but I don’t think they come close to what’s next. It’s not where you come from, it’s where you’re going.

Are there any songs on this disc that are personal favorites or that have good stories behind them?
Nathan: Every song has a story. I think each of us has a different favorite. I’m glad we released “Won’t Let Go” as the single because it happens to be mine. [laughs] I think there is a certain amount of mystery that needs to exist in songs. A friend of mine fell in love with a song, but when he read what the song was about he said “well that sucks cause I thought that song was about me.” Though our song “The Blue Chicago” is about a blues bar in Chicago that I went to for my twenty-first birthday. Everyone should go to that bar.

What are some of the songs you get the best audience response to?
Nathan: “Sway” hands down gets the best response. It’s fun, upbeat, and gets the girls hips shaking, which makes the guys pay attention right?

How much roadwork do you have planned for 2010?
Nathan: Right now we will be hitting the road in May, and we have a sixty day tour lined up, dates will be posted just as soon as possible. But even after those sixty dates we’ll probably be right back on the road as soon as possible. This album is ready for people to hear it, I hope the people are ready for this album.

Are you looking at any particular bands you will be touring with?
Nathan: We have a few bands lined up to go out with. I heard Foo Fighters are taking a break which really sucks cause i was gonna call em up. [laughs] There are so many great bands, I would love to share the stage with all of them.

What is next for Fight The Quiet?
Nathan: I hope to see this record explode! Touring is our number one priority, and then we’ll eventually follow up Let Me In with the next set of songs. I hear a lot of people come out against the music industry, saying DIY is the way to go. Well so far DIY is the only way we know how to do it (we have had tremendous help from Stephen Short and Manbir Sodhia with Ping Pong Music). But we hope to see more people get involved. Whether that means a major label, indie label, or something new.  [ END ]