The Skinny: Welcome one, welcome all, to Hollywood. A place where dreams come true, and lives are turned around. In this case we are referencing the southern hardcore band He Is Legend. Anybody who pops this Wilmington, North Carolina band’s music into their CD player, iTunes or MP3 thingy will be immediately blown away… figuratively speaking.

These southern hardcore kings have released four full length albums, and two EP’s, which is a considerable amount given that the band has only been pumping out tunes for about ten years now. Though they recently signed to Tragic Hero Records, reports that the band went on a hiatus. That said, neither the band members, nor the label have yet to officially confirm this rumour. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that the dudes are simply working on some new music for us to hear!

Watching live videos on YouTube, one can only imagine the intensity these guys deliver while on that holy throne in front of screaming fans. They bust out their own tunes, as well as cover songs from ’80s and ’90s bands the likes of: Korn, AC/DC, Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana, and Pantera to name a few. They’ve also shared the stage with many known acts, including Chimaira, Dragonforce, and Killswitch Engage.

A decade has seen some huge accomplishments and changes for this band, including the move from their former label Solid State Records to the aforementioned Tragic Hero Records, line-up reshuffles and loads more. One can only hope He Is Legend will continue pounding out sick music; here’s to ten more years, guys!  [ END ]

Genres: Southern Hardcore, Hardcore, Post-hardcore, Metalcore, Rock