The Skinny: Have any of you ever gone to a local hardcore show, only to be disappointed by the band you went to see? Well with Cedardale, that is never the case. They always deliver pure Canadian hardcore; full force! By combining various styles such as ambiance, swing, metal, and hardcore this hardcore-at-heart band claims to have created a new style called swingcore.

Though they may hail from Oshawa, Ontario and the band might be relatively new, they do spend as much time touring around Ontario as possible. Time on the road has served them well thus far as they have garnered many devout, new fans and had the opportunity to share the stage with groups like: Blind Witness, Kingdoms, Baptized In Blood, and Farewell To Freeway.

Recording-wise, Cedardale was able to get some studio time with Dave Wilson, from Hive Studios; a man who has recorded material with relatively known acts the likes of Dead and Divine and Straight Reads The Line. Moreover, they just released their sick debut EP titled, Lackluster Love Songs, easily one of the most intense underground EPs to come out over the past few years.

Celardale also boast what many modern bands lack, extreme passion for their music. They reportedly log innumerable hours writing, rehearsing and producing new music. This aided in the creation of such a solid debut EP, but also has gained them a reputation for insane live shows. As a fan, I must admit I saw the group perform a few nights back. At one point the microphone cut out and they continued to play anyway. The crowd chanted the lyrics while the band played; it was by far the most surreal set I’ve experienced. The energy they possess while on stage is mind boggling.

I spoke to guitarist Nathan Penney after the set that night, and he informed me that they’re working on not one, but EIGHT brand new tracks for us. He also noted that they’re planning on recording their first full length album. Let’s hope for more good music to come soon.  [ END ]

Genres: Hardcore, Metal, Post-hardcore, Swingcore