Uncooperative Death play a punk-injected form of metal that is riddled with energy. The music is quite raw and straight to the point with everything channeled into increasing the potency of the sounds for the listener. The band is likewise quite successful at creating an attitude that has an endearing effect… in the sense that one WANTS to keep listening. The band has enough chops to draw you in, but doesn’t necessarily have the most complex approach in the world by any means. Instead, they try to throw some abrasive, but fairly straightforward music at you and are reasonably successful in doing so.

It’s difficult to find a band to compare Uncooperative Death to as they play in a relatively unoccupied area of music. The majority of the disc sticks to the punk type of personality, but they also verge into their own territories of musical expertise associated with metalcore. The songs are full of emotion, but lacking somewhat in terms of subtleties. I somewhat wish that there was a bit more creativity and slightly stronger production values put to the table here. Given more effort, there could be big improvements in these areas leading to a more fulfilling listen in the overall scheme of things. The best track to be found on the disc is perhaps “Cavity” which starts with a gentle acoustic intro before proceeding into the more groovy portions of the track. The song is a bit more moving than the rest of what you’ll find on the album.

In fact, I’d say that the album becomes slightly more involving as it progresses towards the end. So, for someone looking for a greatly punk oriented album that has some other elements added to it, they’d be advised to look into this self-titled work.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Blame
02. Bloody Bathroom
03. Solanum
04. Murderous Apotheosis
05. Let Me Bleed
06. Left Behind
07. Chew the Leg Off
08. Cavity
09. Ambivalent Disclosure
10. Murderous Apothecary (Bonus Track)
11. Solanum (Raunch Dressing Version) (Bonus Track)

Run Time: 49:44
Release Date: 05.09.2009