You know there has to be a place for non-depressing music, and it’s a little unsettling knowing that you have to really look for it. The Summer Set is your total opposite kind of band. Sure we have times in our lives where we want to release or hear a depressing, make you want to slit your wrist kind of music, but why? When life, if you really think about it, is amazing. This is what the Summer Set is trying to do. Create upbeat music that makes you want to get up and shake all that negativity out. I applaud bands like this.

Love Like This is the band’s first full-length album, and congratulations are in order, for delivering an infectious, cheerful and upbeat album. It has synth elements, and is undeniably and ridiculously charming. They have been on compilations, have mediocre radio play, but I really think they can be one of those bands that just end up on the radio like BoysLikeGirls.

Love Like This pretty much sounds like summer. The lyrics are catchy (“they say life’s a bitch, read my lips”, and “she’s singing ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’”), sweet yes, and probably toothache enducing. And that’s not a bad thing! It’s the little quirks on the album that make it awesome. This album is something they can be proud of, and I can’t wait for the next release, but we should let them ride this one out for a while.

Bands like this give parent’s hope that kids can be…kids. In today’s society kids are wanting to group up way too fast and that just sucks. So if I had a kid, they would definitely be locked up in their room listening to The Summer Set.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Boys You Do (Get Back at You)
02. Punch-Drunk Love
03. Chelsea
04. Young
05. Take It Slow
06. Can You Find Me?
07. Love Like This
08. Girls Freak Me Out
09. Passenger Seat
10. This Is How We Live
11. Where Are You Now?

Run Time: 35:30
Release Date: 10.13.2009