I’d like to think I have a knack for judging bands by their names. Everything is welcoming with this New Jersey Power Pop, Pop Punk, Rock outfit. Yes, I’m not afraid to use the term Pop when it is attached to another genre. In any case, I think these kids have what it takes to make it…. but where? In the online realm? The small club scene? Radio? We all know the trouble with radio these days…

Having won the Break Contest putting them on the Bamboozle stage in 2009 along the likes of Fall Out Boy, exposure is an understatement. They have all of the elements that make an awesome band, I caught some on-stage footage and I have to say they are very charming, and honest, and really connected to they’re music. And have a competent and professional composure abut them.

The EP you ask? Totally upbeat. The vocals are totally decent and the music is definitely catching. I think their lyrics prove that they aren’t just shooting the breeze and that they are really trying to accomplish something great. The more they release the better they will get, it won’t be long before some label snatches them up.

If you’re looking for Megadeath, HIM or Sepultura, you ain’t gonna find it here, but if you fancy bands like Cartel or Anberlin, then you may just enjoy Like The Stars. As long as I don’t find these dudes finding love on the Jersey Shore, all is good!

Track Listing:

01. Track Listing:
02. Ready, Set, Go!
03. Like A Bad Habit
04. I Hope You Know…
05. Hurry Up & Wait For Me
06. Hold Your Breath
07. Feel Alive*
08. Pack Your Bags*
* indicated bonus tracks

Run Time: 22:60
Release Date: 03.04.2009