Rockabilly is one of those genres that I’m surprised is still thriving at this late date, particularly when you consider the ways in which the genres it influenced have progressed in the decades since. Yet, tarted up with tattoos or goth-leaning lyrical content, it is still rumbling along with the steady purr of a clean V8 engine.

One group keeping the torch lit is this Quebecois outfit who – poorly punctuated band name aside – handle the walking rhythms, slapping stand up bass and hollow bodied guitars better than most groups trying to live up to the examples left by their forbears. Throughout this self-released album, the quartet maintain a steady line of attack that would be a blast to kick up a storm on the dance floor to and might make you push a little extra on the gas pedal if this is in your car CD player.

But when it comes to lyrics, they exhibit a revealing lack of restraint and wit. Naming a song “Spanky Party” is enough of a statement, but tossing in the trenchant lyrics about leather boots and the orgasmic sound effects is just begging your point a tad too hard. Elsewhere, the wish hellfire on a girl that did someone in the band wrong (“Burn Bitch Burn”) and talk boneheaded threats on the blatantly titled “Talk Shit…Get Hit!”

Let the words wash right past your eardrums though, and you’ll have a rollicking good time with this disc. Dig too deep and you’ll find yourself rolling your eyes too often to enjoy yourself.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Mom In Jail
02. Boppin Cat
03. No More Whiskey
04. Wild-Wild Mommy
05. Talk Shit…Get Hit!
06. Burn Bitch Burn
07. Spanky Party
08. Think-Think-Think
09. Eat My Brain?
10. Benny Hill Theme
11. Baby, If You Leave Me
12. Hell Again

Run Time: 24:55
Release Date: 12.08.2009