The Robot EP is the second EP for the rock/punk band A Clever Con. While the EP contains only six tracks each one is a solid high-energy melodic tune that are quite pleasant to listen to. Solid musicianship abounds, as does the ability to write fantastic hook-driven, accessible music that most fans of the genre should really dig.

I am particularly fond of “60 Amp Disconnect,” which is a solid rocking tune that features a really catchy chorus and killer melodies that kind of draw you in and stay with you long after the tune is over. The fourth track, “Heroine” is quite good as well. It works off of a very cool guitar riff and incorporates big harmonies and a few tempo changes that make it rather enjoyable to listen to.

The last track on the disc, “Little Miss Bombshell” is probably the most interesting and diverse tune on the disc. The acoustically driven, slower tempo song, features lots of unusual production elements not usually found on an album of this type. A rather long percussion segment is inserted midway through that adds a completely different dimension and vibe to the song, giving it an almost World Music feel.

Overall, The Robot EP is a good, solid debut, although it is much too short (clocking in at just over 20 minutes), and fans of the punk/rock genres will not be let down in the least. I think A Clever Con is a band that we are sure to hear more from in the very near future. Keep your eyes out for these guys; I believe they are destined for bigger and better things.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Work Related Stress
02. 60 Amp Disconnect
03. Robots And Mannequins
04. Heroine
05. Able Danger
06. Little Miss Bombshell

Run Time: 24:26
Release Date: 11.21.2009