The Visitor is the latest disc from the groundbreaking British Hard-Rock band UFO. This is Rock and Roll the way it is meant to be played; gritty and unpretentious with a significant heavy blues/southern rock influence running through it. This disc is packed to the gills with astounding musicianship and an unparalleled production. UFO has been releasing CDs for many years now, but I think this might very well be their best one to date. While most of the songs contain catchy hooks and tons of swagger, the aspect of this disc that stands out the most to me is the mind-blowing guitar playing. Guitar virtuoso Vinny Moore’s incredible blues-influenced guitar chops and signature sound sparkles and permeates every track on this release.

While I feel every song on this record seriously kicks ass, I have been repeatedly playing a few because they are just phenomenal. The riff driven “Hell Driver” is one such tune. From the very first note the groove seeps into your soul and becomes so infectious, you cannot help but move to it.

“Villains And Thieves” is another one of those tunes, but for a different reason. While this song also has a cool riff, it also includes some really cool Honky Tonk piano playing that I just really loved.

Even the toned down semi-ballad “Forsaken” is a great tune. Yes, it is a bit slower and a bit more on the commercial side, but it is not hard to envision this tune lighting up the all request lines at radio stations around the globe. This record is good… REALLY GOOD. It should be a necessary addition to any music lover’s collection.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Saving Me
02. On The Water Front
03. Hell Driver
04. Stop Breaking Down
05. Rock Ready
06. Living Proof
07. Can’t Buy A Thrill
08. Forsaken
09. Villains And Thieves

Run Time: 42:25