I am not sure where to begin with this disc. Ganjahovahdose the latest release from The White Mice left me completely speechless. I had a hard time discerning any music at all. I suppose buried under the wall of distortion, noise and incessant screaming there might be something resembling songs but I am unable to make anything out. Honestly, the whole disc is so completely overdriven that I found it ridiculous and virtually impossible to listen to; it truly gave me a massive headache.

After forcing myself to sit through the just over half hour of auditory torture I looked at the CD insert and I began to wonder if this was a serious project or more of an experiment in pushing boundaries and limits. Perhaps Ganjahovahdose might even be a practical joke of sorts, possibly the joke was on me for having to sit through it all.

With song titles such as “Onth’ Ragggnorock,” “Placenta At The Crotchtower,” “The Crapture” and “The Shroud Of Urine” I feel the whole thing is quite ludicrous and I am had a hard time finding any entertainment value at all within this disc. With the economic climate in such disarray, many people do not have very much expendable cash available for CDs and the like. I can tell you that if I had doled out ten dollars for this I would be extremely aggravated and thoroughly pissed off.

Bottom line, I would recommend steering clear of Ganjahovahdose. This is about as bad as it gets.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Passthefissst
02. Ganjahovahdose
03. The Hard On Of Edam
04. Placenta At The Crotchtower
05. Peeeugenicyst
06. The Ape-Caca-Lips
07. The Crapture
08. The Shroud Of Urine
09. Onth’ Ragggnorock
10. The NarcomacauleakcolickCost

Run Time: 33:18