The self-titled release from Sacred Oath is nothing short of incredible. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I popped this disc into my player but I was absolutely blown away with what I heard. Really this is a record of epic proportions; it is that good. Maybe it is the result of all of my years of studio work but I have a penchant for big, polished, well-produced metal and I feel this record has all of those qualities and more. The guitar shredding is second to none and incorporate some serious riffing and exceptionally tasteful solos. The vocals, are first-rate and I was reminded me a great deal of Geoff Tate of Queensryche fame.

While every song is heavy they still all have a progressive sort of feel to them. There are still some extremely captivating hooks longing to be played at top volume; this disc seems custom made for highway driving with the windows and the top down.

By far my favorite track on the disc is “Wings Of Salvation.” It is a bit overdriven giving it an edgy feel and it’s built around a killer riff that just really knocked my socks off. Others songs that are worth mentioning would be the opener “Paradise Lost,” “Scourge of Sin” and “Hunt For The Fallen Angel.”

The thing I like the most about Sacred Oath is that they meld many different influences into a sound all their own. Combining guitar-driven rock with Eighties Metal and a bit of modern rock, this disc has something for just about any fan of the rock/metal genres. Bottom line, this is a very good disc and is well worth checking out.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Paradise Lost
02. Bloodstorm
03. Buried Alive
04. Voodoo Dolls
05. Counting Zeros
06. Caught In The Arc
07. Mistress Of The Setting Sun
08. High And Mighty
09. Wings Of Salvation
10. Order Of The System Lords
11. Sacred Oath
12. What The Dark Will Undo
13. Scourge Of Sin
14. Hunt For The Fallen Angel

Run Time: 62:49