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the Skinny: Over Stars And Gutters’ Consider This Your Curse is the tale of two sides at war. The band’s debut is a collection of passionate punk rock anthems that will leave you singing along in no time. Yet, the album breeds much more than your standard, mindless fist-pumping. Consider This Your Curse is sincere and passionate yet ripe with despair and confusion. Over Stars And Gutters wrap their jaded, lyrical stabs in heaps of emphatic melody. This is raw pop/punk for the seriously downtrodden yet there is an overwhelming sense of optimism that oozes from the band’s memorable songs. Has hopelessness ever sounded this infectious and uplifting before? Consider This Your Curse is about the pain and confusion of growing up and growing older. It’s about watching your friends move on and leave town without you. It’s about choosing not to follow the status quo. Consider This Your Curse reminds us that we all have but one life to live so we need to make the most of it with our choices.  [ END ]

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